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There's no better or faster solution to your short term credit requirements.

Why Choose Us?
Totally Secure
There's no danger to your data when you get a loan with us. We have properly secured everything, encrypting your information so it won't fall into the wrong hands.

Funds are often delivered within 15 minutes, once we have established a relationship. Even our first time loans are delivered within one business day. The only cause for the delay is to ensure that we can deposit and withdraw funds from your account.

Our forms are a breeeze. You can literally finish the whole thing in 5 minutes. Compare that to the nightmare of paperwork you can expect to be faced with when you see a regular bank for even a modestly sized loan.
How It Works
The Application Form
The form is quite simple. We mostly need to know that you are who you say you are, we need to know that you have a job, and we need to know that you've got a bank account for us to deposit into.

The Screen Capture
In order to verify the last two details, we need to see your banking history. You just have to install our screen capture application, which will work on Windows or Mac. Once it starts up you just log in to your online banking and click the "Capture" button at the top of the screen.

Need Help?
The process isn't usually difficult but unexpected circumstances can occur. We are committed to helping you out as much as possible. If you ever need help throughout the application, you can phone us and we will walk you through at 907-341-3485.

Alaska Payday Loans
What are the rules?

In Alaska, payday loans are often referred to as deferred deposit advanced lenders. The maximum allowed loan amount is $500, and unlike many states there is a minimum term of 14 days. The maximum amount charged for a loan is 15% plus an administrative fee of $5, which is typically what is charged by most lenders.

For a 2 week loan of $100 this works out to be a total amount payable of $120, which is the same as 520% APR. If a payment is missed, an NSF fee of up to $30 can be charged.

When should they be used?
In general, payday loans should be used for short term financial matters. Longer term loans will charge less interest and will be a better fit for those sorts of issues. At most, a payday loan should be used as a bridge loan until a longer term loan can be acquired if the financial trouble is expected to last for months or years instead of days or weeks.

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